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PC Services

£35 per hour
£35 per machine
£35 per hour (max 3)
£35 per hour (max 3)
£35 per hour
£35 per hour
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£45 per machine
£45 per hour
£45 per machine
£60 per machine
£85 per hard drive
£85 depends on disk size
from £95 per hard drive
£49.99 per machine


Specialising in PC repairs, computer problems, installations, upgrades, computer builds, networking, maintenance, services, virus removal, tuition and more.
Many people ask the “Why is my computer getting slower?” question each day. Well, to be honest, they’re asking because the computer probably is actually getting slower.

Sick Computer
As time passes, your hardware will age and as a result, it will slow down. Moreover, if you have filled your hard drive with junk files, then your computer will become really slow.
It is possible that you have a virus that is causing your entire system to become slower because it is screwing up vital files that your computer needs to run properly, but all in all, there are many things that can cause your computer to slow down and there are many things we can do to improve the situation.
--- We offer a FREE 2 month antivirus and internet security package which we supply and install at your home or office. ---------
Tuition and Advice

We can offer one-to-one tuition within your home or workplace, on your computer. The areas of training covered are so vast it's very difficult to cover them here, but as an example we can offer personal training on particular applications like WORD or EXCEL, or offer more general training for FILE MANAGEMENT, ORGANISING YOUR PHOTOS, SENDING EMAIL or SURFING THE NET. During our INTERNET training you might want to be shown how to download programs like Skype from the internet and how to avoid nasty viruses.



We attempt to diagnose all equipment on site or in our workshop and give you a report on our findings. Diagnosis is normally attained quickly but can take longer on some occasions if the fault is more complex.


Computer and Laptop Repairs

If you are having trouble with your computer we can help. Maybe it is running slower than usual? Maybe you have a virus? Maybe it turns on but don’t do anything? Maybe you keep getting the blue screen of death? Maybe it just crashes when you do a certain thing or run a certain program? Or maybe it is just totally dead? Do not worry!! Any of the above problems can normally be easily solved without having to buy a whole new system. In today’s financially difficult times, why waste money buying a new system, when your old one can easily be modified or fixed. Our technicians have years of experience of PC and laptop repairs, and will have no trouble advising you about any repairs needed.


Hardware and Software Installation

If you are looking to purchase new hardware or software we are able to source the product for you. Our technicians can call at your home or office and install your new equipment and software with ease and in minimal time.
We ensure your hardware / software is configured correctly to suit your needs. If you are unsure how certain applications run, we take our time showing you how to operate your new software.


PC's Built to Specification

Everyone uses computers for different reasons, a few of them are browsing the internet, editing video and music , downloading / sharing data , graphic design , online gaming , accounts , business control , keeping in touch with family & friends etc etc.
Whatever your reasons for purchasing a new computer we take into account what your needs are and custom build a computer tailored to suit your needs. Meaning no more upgrades incurring extra costs that you might encounter buying elsewhere.


PC Installation

It all seems so easy. Just connect a few wires. Stick in a CD. Play around with a few settings and you're away.

Only it's not. Somehow you don't seem to have the right connection to the printer. The disc runs OK but you're missing the correct ‘drivers'. There's no dial tone on your Internet and you can't access your files from the network.

If this all sounds frustratingly familiar, give me a call and I'll send someone from my team round to get the job done in no time. Let's face it. You haven't got the time and you don't need the stress.

Installing and connecting your new PC can take a tremendous amount of time. Wizard Electronics PC setup and connection service ensures that your home PC is set up, running and fully tested, allowing you the time to get on with other things. Every stage from installing software, setting up your hardware, setting up your email account and more will be done by a qualified technician.


Network Installation

Experience the freedom to surf the net in rooms apart from your computer room, check your email on your laptop or play your games console online in any room of the house. With the freedom of a wireless network all this is possible. With a wireless network installation there is no need to run untidy cabling through your house. You get all the benefits of a computer network: share files, share a printer and more, and the ability to access it all from anywhere in your home.
When the technicians install your wireless network, you also get the added reassurance that your surfing on a secure wireless connection. There is no need to worry about strangers using your wireless network because your important information will be secure whilst you surf.

Home Networking

If you are thinking of buying another computer, or maybe you already have more than one computer. Why not network them together. Once networked you will be able to choose what information each computer can access from one another. Share Internet connection, printers and much more. You may have young children that have access to the Internet. With our recommended software this can prove an ideal way of monitoring their browsing, to ensure that when they browse the internet they do so safely. Whether your preference is wireless or cable, we will make sure the cost is minimal and have your network up and running in no time.

Office Networking

We offer a thorough consultation with all our network customers which enables us to provide the best network infrastructure possible for your business.
Hardwired networks (meaning terminal points fixed to the walls) are still the fastest and most reliable method of networking. On average such networks are 10x faster than wireless technology and far more secure. We understand, however, that you may require wireless access in your office, and that's why we recommend a hybrid infrastructure which benefits the convenience of a wireless access point with the speed and reliability of a hardwired network.


Kids Surf Safe

If your kids use your computer, or have their own computer, then you will want them to be protected from the dangers that the Internet can pose. Wizard Electronics Kids Safe Online set up service is specifically designed with the concerns of parents in mind. We will secure your PC and protect your children so all the family can surf the web in safety. We will show you all of the controls and settings so you know how to alter them so your Internet access is appropriate for every member of your family. You can then rest assured that your PC is a safer place for your children.


Reinstall System & Drivers

If your computer takes a few weeks to arrive at the desktop or just won’t load your operating system at all, then it may be time to start from scratch and reinstall your operating system.

If you are familiar with doing this then you will know just how long it can take, and it can take a while. So, why not let us collect your PC where we can install or upgrade your computer with the latest operating system, providing it meets the minimum required specification. If you are opting for a full operating system install then you will lose any data that is stored on the PC. It is recommended that you backup any critical information before proceeding or take advantage of our Data Backup service and we will do it for you (The data backup service is an extra £10).


Data Cleansing

When you’ve bought a new PC, disposing of your old PC can become an issue. Do you pass it to a family member, sell it on eBay or donate it to the local primary school raffle? If you are planning on passing your computer to anyone once you have finished with it, you should consider data cleansing a necessity. Reformatting your hard drive is not enough to protect against identity theft or to prevent confidential documents being extracted. With just a few simple pieces of information, someone could get a passport, a mortgage, personal credit or a driving license in your name.

Wizard Electronics Data Cleanse service will remove all the data from your PC, allowing it to be disposed of safely or passed on to someone else without the worry of your data being recovered later by unscrupulous individuals. We use government standards to ensure the destruction of your data is to a secure level.


Data Storage

Our data storage is a unique service where we are able to clone your data to another hard drive that we supply. So in the event that your computer stops working we can have your computer running exactly as it was before.

We take away the hassle of reinstalling windows, trying to recover data, putting all your software back on, recovering your emails and internet favorites. The list just goes on and on, it can be extremely time consuming and a very stressful process for you. Our method cuts out all the hassle and worry. We are able to have computer systems up and running within minutes.


Data Recovery Service

If you have accidentally lost files on your computer, your computer has crashed causing you to lose data, or maybe you have recently formatted your hard drive for a fresh installation and didn't back up all your files correctly. Don't panic and think all is lost, we have the ability to find and put back your lost documents, even after a full format has been performed on your hard drive.
At Wizard Electronics hard drive Data Recovery, data loss is only temporary! Hard drive recovery is performed quickly and professionally. We prove our skills every day providing the quickest and most cost effective data recovery services available.

Don't Panic

Call : 01255 553669 or Mobile : 07903 157065

Wizard Electronics hard drive recovery service takes your security seriously!

Using the software we provide, you will be able to recover any data that's been lost on your computer.


Service Package

  1. Full System Health Check - We perform a full system health check on your computer to ensure that your computer and its components are in good working condition. You will benefit from our quarterly health check which will keep your computer running at its peak performance, it will cut out the risk and expense of having to call out a technician when your machine begins to fail.
  2. Clean all Internal Components - We ensure a safe and thorough clean of all internal components. This includes removal of internal components such as memory, graphic cards and CPU. Cleaning and then re-fitting all components. We ensure that your computer remains free of dust and smooth running of fans which keeps your machine from overheating.
  3. Check System temperatures - We monitor your motherboard, hard drive and CPU temperatures to ensure your computer is being kept at its coolest possible operating temperature . The cooler your computer is running the better its performance will be.
  4. Apply Thermal Compound to all Heatsinks - After a period of time the thermal compound that was applied to the heatsink when your computer was built will dry out. This can cause overheating of CPU's and chipset's. We remove heatsinks and apply thermal compound paste to prevent overheating from happening.
  5. Optimise Primary Hard Drive - You may be finding that your computer is not running as quick as it did on the day of purchase. This is caused by a number of factors. We optimise your primary hard drive to ensure that your computer will perform at its best possible capabilities.
  6. Full Spyware Scan and Removal - We run an in-depth scan on your primary hard drive to ensure all malicious spyware is found and removed from your system.
  7. Malware Scan and removal - We run an in-depth scan on your primary hard drive to ensure all malicious malware is found and removed from your system.
  8. Scan System Files for Virus Infection - We run an in-depth scan on your primary hard drive to ensure all viruses are found and removed from your system.
  9. Scan and Remove all Invalid Registry Keys - Invalid and obsolete registry keys can cause your system to perform less than average and also seem unstable. We perform an in depth check of your registry to remove all invalid and obsolete registry entries.
  10. Run Diagnostics on Internal components - We run a professional diagnostics on your computer’s internal components, leaving you with a print out of the results and a full explanation of findings. This quarterly diagnostics will enable us to know if a piece of hardware is beginning to fail. This is a vital part of a health check.
Wizard Electronics Service Package is a recommended quarterly service. The cost for our service is £49.99. This is not a compulsory quarterly service just our professional recommendation, you can choose to have our service performed at any time. For further details or to make an appointment please use the contact us link on this page.



Your PC or Laptop may be damaged beyond economical repair and you might want an insurance quote. A written quote will be posted to your address after inspection.