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TV Services etc

£35 - £45
£60 - £120
£40 - £60
£40 - £60
£40 - £60
£35 - £40
£40 - £60
£10 - £30

We attempt to diagnose all equipment on site or in our workshop and give you a report on our findings.


Wizard Electronics has been repairing domestic and industrial equipment at reasonable prices for many years. Our qualified engineers have the ability to repair almost all types of electronic equipment using a wide variety of test equipment either on site or in our workshop. The ability to repair equipment without a circuit diagram or service manual can be challenging but we endeavor to meet this task. We consider all electronic repair work (big and small) besides what's listed here, so just phone to speak to an engineer about the problems you or your company are having. Much of are clientele has been gained by word of mouth from satisfied customers all over our area and shall continue to do so.
Pick up the phone and give us a call for friendly advice.

TV Tuning and Setup

If you've just got a new Television, DVD / VCR, Satellite or Digi Box and you're left with the daunting prospect of setting it all up properly or your existing equipment needs some attention then give us a call and one of our technicians will be round to help you. Our technicians carry various leads for aerial connections and also scart, power and other special cables besides for a speedy and professional service.


TV Plasma / LCD Repairs

Learning to adapt our skills with fast moving technology has been a strength of our company. We are now fully engaged in a digital age where Plasma Televisions and LCD Televisions are becoming a normal household appliance. The old style CRT (cathode ray tube) Televisions are still in most peoples homes and many are too good to throw out. Whatever the T.V. you have we can repair old or new so give us a call and arrange an appointment for a speedy and friendly service.


Audio / HiFi Repairs

Amplification of music and speech for both domestic and commercial use has been around for approximately 100 years and is likely to stay as long as their are people with ears. Whether you need an amplifier, radio, tuner, graphic equaliser, speaker, cd player, record player, phono deck, mini disc player, mp3 player or disco equipment repaired our engineers are here to help.


Microwave Repair

Microwaves are relatively simple devices and have few components but are extremely dangerous due to the high current output they produce. Combination ovens are more popular nowadays which incorporate the microwave oven inside making these appliances higher cost and generally more economically repairable items. We offer a safety check which should be carried out once yearly for any leakage from the magnetic door seal. Using a special meter which can measure microwaves on the external side of the door we check to make sure all is safe and ready to use. Call us for a safety check and book today.


DVD / VCR Repairs

Over the past few years the cost of DVD's and VCR's has come down tremendously and buying "new" is often the best option. If you have a combination machine which incorporates both devices into the same package then you might want to consider having it repaired. In many cases a DVD can stop working by something as simple as a dirty lens and a VCR may have dirty heads. Both of these are simply remedied by our qualified technicians. Is your machine worth a look before you have the added expense of buying new ? We also add DVD and CD lens cleaners often do not work and can do more harm than good.
Warning: Both a DVD / CD Laser Lens and a VCR video head are extremely delicate and can be easily damaged


Satellite Repairs

If your satellite receiver has any of the problems listed here or others we are able to help you.

  • Dead - No lights on front
  • No Signal being received
  • Picture pixelating
  • Magic eye not working


Remote Control Repairs

If your RCU works sometimes and not others it may be easily repaired by just a quick service and cleanup. You may think its beyond economical repair and wish to buy a new one, if this is the case then call us for a quote with the model number of your equipment and we will source it for you. We can also post recorded delivery to your door, if paid over the phone via credit card.